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'Click' back to the past!
by Albert Jackson

Harry Ainscough was born in Ormskirk near Liverpool in 1922. He learnt his skills as a professional photographer while in his early twenties in Blackpool, until taking a job at the Sheffield Telegraph and Star, where he became Head Photographic Printer.

Left: Harry Ainscough original.
Burngreave Road, July 1965.

Above: Burngreave Road today.

©David Ainscough
Shortly after moving to Sheffield he met Margaret, who was to become his wife and mother of his children; Susan and David, making their family home in the Southey area.

Pursuing his photographic hobby during the 1960s, Harry recognised the changes that were happening to local towns and cities with redevelopment and social change. Equipped with his twin lens reflex camera, he set about recording their environment.

He took over 4,000 black and white photographs of Sheffield. While travelling to Stoke-on-Trent, Chesterfield, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool he mirrored his actions. He offered the prints of his labours to their Archives and Libraries in order that they could preserve suitable records of the time.

Since his death in 1997, his son David has spent much of his time cataloguing the photographs while also continuing to take black and white exposures so much practiced by his father, specialising in still life and covering wedding ceremonies.

The Guard's Rest public house, Hallcar Street.
Ainscough original: February 1966. (©David Ainscough)

David is printing copies of many of his father’s photographs and these are on sale at locations around the city including the craft shop at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Pavilion Florist, Broomhill and Sheffield Scene, Surrey Street. As the photographs are classified into area, David is adding them to his website, which is a journey around Sheffield in the 1960s and well worth the time to take that nostalgic ‘click’ back to the past: www.streetsparade.com

©David Ainscough

Among Harry Ainscough’s photographs was this picture of two young lads walking through Pitsmoor in July 1965. Is one a picture of you? Or do you recognise them? Then contact us at the Messenger.

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