Festival Huge Success!

The whole world in a park

Abbeyfield Festival
5000 people, 70 stalls, 250 volunteers, food, dancing, games and music form all corners of the globe. All brought together in our beautiful park and even sprinkled woth the odd ray of sunshine.

This year’s festival, the second organised by Green City Action, succeeded in bringing together and celebrating the rich diversity of different cultures, skills and talents of the Burngreave community.

Abbeyfield Festival

Leading the Way

The result was a day of real pleasure. Smiling children, a chance to relax and talk, meet neighbours and marvel at the range of activity within our community. A huge range of performers, musicians, workshops, projects and organisations, children’s groups and cooks, all brought some of their history and culture to help make it a day of inspiration and friendship. Burngreave has again shown that far from being a ‘problem area’, it can lead the way and produce surprising and imaginative work and enjoy itself along the way.

Too Many to Mention

Too many people contributed time and work to acknowledge them all here, hundreds out of our community of only a few thousand, but there are more pictures and some particular ‘thank you’s on page 4, but even if you just dropped by to enjoy it, congratulations on contributing to a huge success, and see you next year!!!

Abbeyfield Festival

Special Festival Thanks
I would like to give thanks and some recognition to some people who helped make theAbbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival 2000 so successful.

Firstly the Green City Action Staff, Panni Poh Yoke Loh, Festival Organiser, Steven Rumbol, Stage Manager, Tina Smith, Festival Information, Julian Brandram, Festival Information and my self, Lee Furness, Site Manager. The GCA staff worked beyond what could be expected, changing roles as and when needed and working extremely long hours.

Secondly GCA Volunteer Management did a tremendous job. Betty Smally, Stephen Cook, Laila Wragg, Andrew Phillips, Sarah Nickson, David Peck andthe Festival Planning Committee for the work put in before the day.

A few more people need mentioning for working extremely hard to keep things going; John Dawson PA, Andrew Healy, DJ, Deborah Wright, Information, Trevor Bailey, Special K and Bounce FM crew.

On the day we had 20 stewards, first aid cover with 6 volunteers, 12 litter picker/recyclers on the day and 22 children from Firs Hill Junior School who helped clean up after the event. Workshop leaders; Circus, Carnival and Green Stars parade teams all pulling together to make the festival happen.

Thank you everyone for helping to make this years Abbeyfield Park Multicultural festival such a good event, it re affirms my belief in what a wonderful community that I live in.

Lee Furness Green City Action Manager